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The DATA file extension is a frequently a type of data file used by some statistical analysis and data mining software. The DATA files also can be simple text-based lists, database table dumps, renamed database files in the original format, indexed lists, binary data containers (possibly encrypted or digitally signed) or any other file that can store significant data. In addition, DATA files are frequently found in computer programming where they appear as memory dumps or as data containers for a specific application.

Sources of DATA file information

DATA files can contain data from several different sources, although they come mainly from the SQL Server and Microsoft Access databases.

Very often, also DATA files are used in MMORPG-style games to save game data locally, in which case a DATA file is a binary file in a proprietary format, readable only by the specific game client.

Although they are not intended for direct editing, text-based .data files can still be opened with any text editor, regardless of the extension. Binary DATA files usually need special readers, unless those files are simply masked or are database files in one of the main formats.

To open DATA file on your computer, you just have to have the appropriate program installed. Most of the errors associated with DATA files are related to the association of the extension.

To open DATA file, the operating system needs to know what program you want to use to open it. If you are using Windows, you should only use the "Open with" option and look for the right program to deal with this type of files.

You also have the option to change the file extension to make it "readable". To change the extension of any file, just right click with the mouse and click on "Rename", for this you must have previously enabled the option "Show file extensions".

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If you are not able to open file with certain file extension make sure to check if extension for the file is correct. It is possible that information in the file doesn't match file extension.

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